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Mohawk | FLXTB-1

Performance Accessories FLXTB FlexLok Tabs - Adhesive Install Tabs for Carpet Tile or Modular Carpet (Warehouse: GCD)

  • Mohawk FLXTB FlexLok Tabs - Adhesive Tabs for Carpet Tile or Modular Carpet - 500 pack
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**IMPROVED! New stock now ships with larger 4"x4" tabs instead of 3"x3"**

Commercial grade adhesive tabs for installing carpet tile (modular carpet). 500 pack.

Install carpet tiles rapidly and avoid the hassle of adhesives or peel & stick backings with our Mohawk FlexLok tabs. Use these adhesive tabs on any substrate. FlexLok tabs allow easy replacement of damaged tiles or easy removal by only sticking the tiles to each other instead of the floor itself. This makes carpet tile installation ideal for a home office, home basement, home theater, playroom, etc.


  • QTY 500 per kit
  • Coverage: 150 square yards of carpet tile or modular carpet
  • Tab Dimensions:  NEW! 4" x 4" (old version 3"x3")
  • Polyethylene

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