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Mohawk Made Flooring Out of Production & No Longer in Stock

**Please check the below list first before contacting us. If your floor appears here, we no longer have it.**

The following flooring products from Mohawk brands such as Mohawk, Pergo, Balterio, Quick-Step or home center house brands that Mohawk manufactured material for such as Lifeproof, Allen & Roth, Home Decorator's Collection, Harmonics, Style Selections etc. are discontinued and depleted. Depleted means that the floor style is no longer in production and any remaining material on our end (the manufacturer) has run out and is no longer available through us.

Please use CTRL+F / (or on Mac: Command+F) and enter a keyword to quickly search the list.

*This list is updated reactively in response to your inquiries and does not yet represent the full spectrum of discontinued Mohawk & Pergo flooring products.*

Brand Color Name Model #s
Pergo Original 2100 2100
Pergo Original 99143 99143
Mohawk Aberdeen Oak 36066-LWC16
Mohawk Perfect Manner / Perfect Haven Abyss 66375-910
Pergo Prestige Acadia Oak LF000153
Pergo MAX Addison Hickory 486109
Pergo Global Passages African Padauk ?
Pergo Prestige Aged Handscraped Oak 4791
Pergo Traditional Living Aged Steel LF000644
Pergo XP Alexandria Walnut LF000314
Pergo MAX Allendale Oak 426025
Pergo XP Amazon Acacia LF000853
Pergo MAX Premier Amber Chestnut LF000801
Mohawk Amber Vintage Pine ?
Pergo MAX American Beech Model# 080117
Pergo XP American Handscraped Oak LF000337
Pergo Original American Honey Oak 2090
Pergo Signature American Red Oak PW 80001
Pergo Original Amsterdam Oak PO 2390
Pergo Prodigy Antique Amber Oak PX3250
Pergo Antique Dark Cherry PW 80004 / 95007
Mohawk Zanzibar Antique Elm Chestnut 32082-06
Pergo Traditional Living Antique Hickory LF000703 / LF000713
Harmonics Antique Hickory ?
Style Selections Antique Hickory ?
Mohawk Havermill or Huchenson Antique Leather Maple 33514-01
Pergo MAX Antique Oak 426009
Mohawk Embostic / Etchworks Antique Oak 63064-W872
Pergo Presto Appalachian Hickory LF000146
Pergo Presto Applewood ?
Mohawk Blended Tones Arctic White 63802-120
Pergo Traditional Living Arlington Cherry LF000562
Pergo MAX Arlington Oak LF000819
Pergo XP Asheville Hickory LF000327
Pergo Vintage Home Ashford Oak PVH 55104
Pergo Global Passage Asian Bamboo 50814
Pergo Exotics Asian Mahogany PE-656445
Pergo Atlantic Maple 426035 / 080133 0119780
Pergo Portfolio Atlantic Oak LF000915 / 869109
Mohawk Simplesse Auburn Oak 63001-52711
Pergo Prestige August Oak 4780
Pergo MAX Austin Oak PW 8002 / 080099
Pergo MAX Australian Eucalyptus 426040 / 080531
Mohawk Hillsboro / Bamberg Autumn 3.25" (solid wood) WSC2-30 / 32167-30
Mohawk Ashton Autumn Oak ?
Pergo Traditional Living Autumn Slate LF000642
Pergo MAX Premier Bainbridge Oak LF000806 / 672974
Pergo Outlast+ Balcony Wood Brown LF000939
Pergo MAX Baldwin Hickory LF000628
Pergo Bangkok Teak ?
Mohawk Cammeray Bark Hickory 63006-17114
Mohawk Chalet Vista Barnhouse Oak 33516-01
Mohawk Choice Step / Configurations Barnwood Chestnut 63002-P001S
Mohawk Barrington Barnwood Oak 33234-04
Pergo Portfolio Barnwood Pine LF000919 / 869113
Allen & Roth Barrel Hickory 36055-AR300
Pergo Bay Chestnut PW80031
Pergo Vintage Home Beacon Hill Cherry PVH56004
Lifeproof Beacon Oak Light LVT 360700
Pergo Accolade Beech Blocked PJ 2600
Pergo Beech Blocked LF000476 / PH 4708
Pergo Presto Beech Blocked PH 4575
Pergo Presto Beech Planked PH4583
Mohawk Duracor Beige Beauty ?
Mohawk Bellville Hickory 932486-SSPL703
Pergo Presto Belmont Oak LF000497
Pergo Berkshire Cherry # 080139
Pergo Berwick Walnut PW 80065
Pergo Berwick Walnut PW 80065
Mohawk Gentle Essence Billowing Clouds (carpet) 27688-717
Pergo Original Birch Plank PO 2100
Pergo Black Granite PS 1890
Balterio Metropolitan / Metro Black Walnut 44613-60516 / 44649-60516
Home Decorator's Collection Blackened Maple HDC504T
Mohawk Blakely Creamed Oak 33259-05
Pergo Accolade Bleached Pine PJ2618
Pergo Lifestyles Bleckley Oak Engineered LEO4M-67 / 761774
? Bletchley Engineered Variable Width ?
Pergo Traditional Living Blonde Oak LF000176
Pergo MAX Premier Blonde Onyx Oak LF000912
Mohawk Etchworks or Etchwise Blondie 63064-W822
Pergo Presto Blue Mountain Hickory 4789
Pergo Portfolio Blue Print LF000861
Pergo MAX Blush Oak 426023
Quick-Step Boardwalk Oak 2 Strip 39187-SFU39
Pergo Boathouse Pine 426019 / 080112
Pergo MAX Bombay Tulipwood 426043
Pergo Vintage Home Bordeaux Cherry PVH 55121 / 95088
Mohawk Barrington Bourbon Hickory 33234-06
Mohawk Marcina Bourbon Pecan 33073-91
Pergo MAX Premier Bourbon Street Oak LF000804
Pergo MAX Boyer Elm LF000827 / 773303
Pergo Select Branchport Cherry ?
Pergo American Cottage Brandied Black Cherry PW 80075
Pergo Brandy LF000204
Mohawk Raleigh 3" Brandy Oak (Engineered) 32485-19
Pergo MAX Brandywine Cherry 426011 / 80105
Pergo MAX Brazilian Cherry 426041
Harmonics Brazilian Cherry ?
Quick-Step QS 700 Home Brazilian Cherry SFU025 / 39187-SFU25
Pergo Elegant Expressions Brazilian Koa ?
Mohawk Rockford Maple Brendyl Maple 5" (engineered hardwood) 32457-60
Mohawk Briarwood Oak (LVT) ?
Pergo Presto Bridgeport Red Oak 4718
Pergo MAX Brighton Walnut 426034
Home Decorators Collection Brilliant Maple HDC703T
Pergo XP Bristol Chestnut LF000316
Pergo Outlast+ Bronze Belmont Oak LF001010
Mohawk Brookfield Natural WEC1-10
Style Selections Brown Hickory Hardwood HL330H
Pergo MAX Premier Brownstone Oak LF000887 / 831557
Pergo Select Brunswick Cherry PS 5210
Pergo Elegant Expressions Buchanan Maple ?
Columbia Clic Buckshot Oak BU0206
Mohawk Bufflehead Oak (LVT) L011T-280 / 2674974
Pergo Burma Teak ?
Pergo XP Burmese Rosewood LF000743
Pergo MAX Burnished Autumn Maple 79318
Pergo Max Burnished Fruitwood LF000198 / 39489
Mohawk Havermill Buttercream Hickory CDL72-05
Mohawk Festivale Plus Butterscotch 33012-04
Mohawk Festivalle Butterscotch 33005-04
Mohawk Solid Oak / Wedgewood Oak Butterscotch 3.25" (Solid Wood) 32366-22
Pergo Butterscotch Oak 080102 / 426008
Pergo American Era Butterscotch Oak Solid Hardwood LSAR43-22 / 462464 / 35067-307
Harmonics Cabin Maple CM302
Pergo MAX Caldera Pine LF000589 / 412118
Pergo MAX Premier Cambridge Amber Oak LF000803
Pergo Traditional Living Camden Walnut LF000561 / LF000664
Mohawk Mansfield Park Canadian Maple ?
Mohawk Georgetown Canadian Maple 33002-22
Mohawk Georgetown Canadian Maple Plank 33002-22
Mohawk Chalet Vista / Cedar View Canyon Echo Oak 33516-02
Mohawk Simplesse Cappacino Brun 63001-52406
Pergo Casual Living Capstone Walnut 119780 / 080055
Mohawk Carrolton / Carrolton Plus Caramel Spalted Maple 33011-91 / 33267-91
Mohawk Bellingham Caramel Walnut Plank 33007-13
Pergo Prestige Carribean Walnut Model 04779
Pergo Prestige Cashmere Cherry ?
Pergo MAX Cask Oak (Engineered) 35201-850 / 1054601
Mohawk Northaven Castlerock Maple 7" (Engineered) 32533-72
Pergo Accolade Castlewood Maple LF000549
Pergo MAX Cellar Oak LF000914 / 869108
Mohawk Clovis Cement (carpet) 28397-877
Pergo XP Chalked Hickory LF000942
Mohawk Crawford Oak Charcoal Oak 3" Engineered 32537-70
Mohawk Grandwood Charleston (LVT) 66343-01
Pergo MAX Charleston Oak 426016
Pergo MAX Premier Chateau Maple LF000805
Pergo Presto Cherry LF000756
Pergo Public Extreme Cherry Havana 70601-4004
Pergo Presto Cherry Planked PH 4584
Pergo Presto Cherry Planked Model 04712
Pergo Vintage Home Chesterfield Oak PVH 55110
Pergo MAX Chestnut Hickory Engineered PUH25-14
Mohawk Greyson Distressed or Grantville Chocolate 5" Engineered 32374-11
Quick-Step Sculptique Chocolate Cafe Rosewood U1312
Mohawk Simplesse Chocolate Chestnut 63001-54205
Mohawk Brookedale or Breslin Chocolate Hickory 32396-11
Mohawk Santa Barbara Plank Chocolate Maple Engineered 32004-11
Pergo Portfolio Chocolate Oak LF000866 / 785999
Mohawk Prospects Chocolate Oak C9002-88
Pergo Prestige Chocolate Walnut ?
Mohawk Duraloc Cider Hickory 740316
Pergo XP Cinnabar Oak LF000841
Outlet Cinnamon Bark ?
Pergo Extreme Wider Longer Cinnamon Brulee PT002-574
Pergo Extreme Wider Longer Cinnamon Brulee (LVT) PT008-574
Pergo Traditional Living Classic Beech LF000643
Pergo American Cottage Classic Red Oak 91281 / 0091281 / 080095
Pergo XP Coastal Pine LF000343
Mohawk Amanti Cocoa (ceramic tile) T718-AN03
Pergo Coffee Handscraped Hickory LF000739 / LF000741
Quick Step Rustique Cognac Hickory U1413
Mohawk Santa Barbara Plank Cognac Hickory 32004-05
Mohawk Brookedale Cognac Maple 5" Engineered 32396-05
Pergo Colby Walnut 95055 / PH 4701
Pergo MAX Colorado Hickory LF000838
Pergo Select Concord Oak PS 50280 / 90990
Pergo Extreme Wood Originals Copper Hide PT001-567
Mohawk Blended Tones Coral Reef 63802-260
Pergo Cordoba Oak ?
Pergo MAX Cordovan Oak 426036
Pergo Elegant Expressions Cortland Hickory LF000570
Pergo Traditional Living Cottage Chestnut LF000169
Pergo Prestige Cottage Maple Model 04792
Harmonics Cottage Oak ?
Mohawk Greyson Distressed Country Natural 5" (Engineered) 32374-10
Pergo XP Country Natural Hickory LF000748
Mohawk Remington Hickory Country Natural Hickory 2.25" (Engineered) LSH42-10
Pergo American Era Country Natural Hickory 3.25" LHAR43-10 / 477202 / 35062-045
Pergo American Era Country Natural Hickory 5" LHAR45-10 / 462470
Mohawk Barrington Country Natural Oak 33234-02
Mohawk Easy Floor Country Oak EZF01 / 717679
Pergo Presto Covington Oak LF000147
Pergo Vintage Home Craftsman Oak PVH 55111
Pergo Select Craftsman Oak PS55000
Mohawk Simplesse Creama Beige 63001-67841
Pergo XP Creekbed Hickory LF000847
Mohawk Sylva / Cardenas Crema 20x20 Ceramic Tile T775-CE97
Mohawk Rockford Crema Maple 5" Solid Wood 32445-24
Mohawk Crescent City Oak 360602 / 1031847 / 67026-890
Pergo Portfolio Creston Oak Wood Planks LWPSC
Pergo MAX Premier Crestwood Tile 672979 / LF000811
Pergo Traditional Living Crimson Oak LF000174
Pergo XP Cross Sawn Chestnut LF000341
Pergo Cross Sawn Oak LF000144
Pergo MAX Crossroads Oak LF000778
Mohawk Santa Barbara Plank Dark Auburn Maple 32004-02
Pergo Presto Dark Cherry ph4710
Pergo Presto Dark Cherry PH 4579
Pergo Dark Cherry PL 1670
Mohawk Somerville / Yorkville 5" Dark Chocolate Maple (Solid Wood) 32405-15
Pergo Dark Oak LF00036
Pergo Traditional Living Dayton Apple VF000019
Mohawk Perfect Manner Death By Chocolate 67783-495 / 66375-495
Pergo Global Passage Dolce Mahogany ?
Style Selections Driftwood Estate Oak 658100 / SSPL500
Pergo MAX Driftwood Pine 080115 / 426022
Mohawk Simplesse Driftwood Teak 63001-53902
Pergo Durant Beech 80066
Pergo MAX Ebonized Oak 426013 / 080107
Mohawk Ebony Slate Oak LSO45-70LG / 20177
Pergo Max Emerson Maple LF000370
Pergo Casual Living Empire Oak ?
Pergo Vintage Home English Black Walnut 55118
Pergo Traditional Living English Walnut LF000178
Quick-Step Uniclic 800 Enhanced Beech U645
Pergo XP Esperanza Oak LF000823
Pergo Presto Espresso Oak LF000499
Home Decorators Collection / Hampton Bay Espresso Pecan 36160-HD601
Mohawk Simplesse Espresso Russet 63001-52437
Pergo Estate Cherry LF000102 / 857163
Pergo Eton Hickory PW 80032
Mohawk Raschiato Eucalyptus Amber 5" Engineered 32296-01
Mohawk Raschiato or Portico Tagliare Eucalyptus Warm Cherry (5" engineered) 32296-16
Pergo MAX Fairview Pecan 429492
Mohawk Farmhouse Oak 36614-106
Mohawk American Designer Fashion Gray 32555-33
Pergo Finlandia ?
Pergo American Era Flint Maple Solid Hardwood 5" LSM45-41
Pergo Elegant Expressions Forest Pine LF000578
Pergo XP Franklin Lakes Hickory LF000845 / 206925351
Balterio Heritage French Barrel Oak 44640-60995
Pergo American Era Frontier Maple Solid Hardwood 5" LSM45-45 / 805172
Quick-Step Studio Frontier Oak QS903
Harmonics Frontier Oak 33280-FO201
Pergo Fruitwood 80530
Pergo MAX Galveston Oak 426026
Style Selections Ginger Hickory 368001-00250
Mohawk Barrington Gingerbread Chestnut 33234-08
Mohawk Kincade or Kendrick Glazed Hazelnut Cherry 33263-03
Traditional Living Golden Amber Oak LF000187
Pergo MAX Golden Bamboo 426042
Mohawk Canyon Lodge Golden Hickory Engineered WED07-93
Pergo Golden Oak PW8002 / PW80002
Mohawk Sheridan Plank Golden Oak 32046-20
Mohawk Timberline Oak Golden Oak 5" (Engineered) 32542-20 / WEC85-20
Pergo Exotics Golden Tahitian Oak LF000117
Pergo XP Golden Tigerwood LF000742
Pergo MAX Goldenrod Hickory 80119 / 45865
Pergo Traditional Living Grand Marble LF000641
Pergo XP Grand Oak LF000326
Mohawk Oasis Collective Graphite 33049-06
Pergo Greendale Oak PW80070
Mohawk Simply Irresist Grey Flannel (Carpet) 27938-955
Pergo Grey Yew LF000329
Pergo Outlast+ Greyhawk Oak LF000926
Pergo MAX Greyson Hickory 691612
Pergo Grovemont Cherry PW80047
Mohawk Stoneside Hickory Gunpowder 5" 32446-75
Mohawk Rockford Gunpowder 5" 32446-75
Pergo Gunstock Butternut LF000285 / LF000286
Pergo Presto Gunstock Oak LF000494
Pergo Gunstock Oak PO 2290
Allen & Roth Gunstock Oak AR137 / 391785
Pergo MAX Gunstock Oak (hardwood 3.08") PUO43-50
Pergo American Era Gunstock Oak Solid Hardwood 2.25" LSAR42-50 / 462467 / 35066-306
Pergo MAX Gunstock Oak Wirebrushed Engineered LUO45-50 / 838002
Pergo Traditional Living Hamilton Teak LF000606
Pergo MAX Hampton Hickory LF000260
Pergo XP Hand Sawn Oak LF000342 / 539985
Quick Step Hand Scraped Country Rustic Hickory U1102
Pergo Elegant Expressions Handscraped Bocote ?
Hampton Bay Handscraped Bristol Hickory 862 055 / 32684
Pergo MAX Handscraped Crescent Walnut Engineered LUW25-10 / 761789
Pergo MAX Handscraped Heritage Hickory LF000124
Pergo Casual Living Handscraped Heritage Hickory 322374
Pergo American Cottage Handscraped Hickory PW 80200
Pergo Handscraped Kingwood Multiple
Pergo MAX Handscraped Manor Hickory 636287
Pergo Handscraped Maple LVT VF000010
Pergo American Era Handscraped Natural Hickory LSHS45-10
Pergo Traditional Living Handscraped Oak LF000605 / LF000668
Pergo MAX Handscraped Richland Hickory LF000580 / 41211
Pergo American Era Handscraped Tanned Hickory Solid LSHS45-14
Pergo Traffic Master Hanover Oak Part# 07800
Mohawk Hidden Beauty Harbor Grey LVT 66359-9140
Harmonics Harbor Scraped Oak 33283-HS202
Pergo TimberCraft Harbor View Oak LF000898 / 864886
Pergo Vintage Home Harborside Hickory Natural PS 55003
Pergo Signature Hartford Oak PW 80024
Pergo Harvest Chestnut ? 04781
Harmonics Harvest Oak ?
Pergo Portfolio Harvest Pine LF000920
Mohawk Marcina or Copper Ridge Harvest Sun Oak 33073-93
Pergo Select Havana PS5150
Pergo Traditional Living Hawaiian Acacia LF000766
Pergo Traditional Living Hawaiian Bamboo LF000366
Pergo Hawaiian Curly Koa LF000340
Quick-Step Hawthorne Oak QS105
Pergo MAX Hayfield Oak 426010
Pergo XP Haywood Hickory LF000318
Mohawk Northhaven Hearthstone Oak 5" Engineered ?
Pergo Select Heartland Chestnut PS 50372
Quick-Step Heartland Oak 3-Strip 39188-SFU45
Pergo Heartwood Oak PH 4821
Pergo MAX Premier Heathered Oak LF000808
Mohawk Simplesse Heathered Walnut 63001-54101
Pergo Casual Living Exotics Hedgemoor Pecan 80112 / 080137
Pergo Heirloom Maple PW 80005
Pergo Traditional Living Heirloom Oak LF000185
Pergo Select Helsinki Birch PS50010
Balterio Heritage Burnt Pub Oak 994
Pergo MAX Heritage Cherry 80126
Pergo Paradigm Heritage Oak Blocked PG7002
Pergo XP Heron Oak LF000776
Pergo Hickory PA 5811
Quickstep Country Collection Hickory Amber U1015
Mohawk Henley / Houston Hickory Amber 32404-01
Pergo MAX Hickory Avondale Handscraped Engineered LUH25-65 / 834319
Mohawk Huntsville Hickory Charcoal 5" ?
Mohawk Henley / Houston Hickory Charcoal 5" (engineered hardwood) 32404-17
Mohawk Brandymill Hickory Chestnut 5" Engineered 32352-01
Pergo MAX Hickory Chestnut Handscraped Engineered PUH25-14
Mohawk Hickory Chocolate 32404-11
Mohawk Brandymill Hickory Chocolate 32352-11
Mohawk Henley / Houston Hickory Chocolate 5" Engineered 32404-11
Mohawk Brandymill Hickory Country Natural 5" (engineered) 32352-10
Mohawk Rockford Hickory Hickory Sable 3.25" Solid Wood 32444-25
Mohawk Rockford Hickory Hickory Sable 5" Engineered 32458-25
Mohawk Greyson Distressed Hickory Saddle 5" 32374-40
Mohawk Henley / Houston Hickory Shadow 32404-76
Mohawk Berry Hill Hickory Suede 32294-82
Mohawk Warrenton Hickory Suede 3" (engineered hardwood) 32305-82 / WEC38-82
Mohawk Warrenton Hickory Suede 5" (engineered hardwood) 32306-82 / WEC39-82
Mohawk Houston / Henley Hickory Teak 5" (engineered) 32404-18
Mohawk Henley Hickory Winchester 5" (engineered) 32404-62 / 34371-62
Pergo MAX Hidalgo Oak LF000830
Pergo Signature American Cottage Highland Hickory PW 80018 / 95005
Pergo Traditional Living Hillside Walnut LF000365
Pergo MAX Historic Hickory 080106 / 426012
Columbia Homespun Oak 39091-HS601
Pergo MAX Homestead Hickory Engineered LUH45-92
Pergo XP Homestead Oak LF000716
Mohawk Marbury Oak 3" Honey WEL13-20
Mohawk Havermill Honey Blonde Maple 33514-14
Home Legend Honey Oak ?
Pergo Traditional Living Honey Oak LF000765
Mohawk Festivalle / Mandolin Honey Oak 33005-07
Quick-Step Honey Red Oak U1003
Pergo MAX HS Dawson Hickory 518148
Pergo Elegant Expressions Hudson Oak 55127
Pergo Portfolio Iceland Oak Grey LF000856
Aladin Inbound In the Buff 63064-W822
Pergo Indian Tigerwood ?
Pergo MAX Inspiration LF000591
Pergo MAX Iron Grove Engineered Hickory 761788 / LUH45-91
Pergo MAX Ironmill Maple LF000779
Mohawk East Village Ironstone (carpet) 27436-889
Pergo Prestige Italian Mahogany LF000143
Mohawk Fieldcrest Ivory Coast F4010-531
Pergo James River Pecan ?
Pergo Accolade Jatoba LF000123
Pergo Java Scraped Oak (5" plank) ?
Mohawk Simplesse Java Teak 63001-53901
Lifeproof Jourdanton Walnut 67786-880
Mohawk Herald Kentucky Oak MHK0603
Pergo Kershaw Cherry PW 80037
Pergo XP Kingston Cherry LF000338
Pergo XP Kona Acacia LF000820
Pergo Select Lacquered Italian Walnut PS 50399
Pergo MAX Lakeshore Pine 426006
Pergo Simple Renovations Lancaster Oak LF000019 / 307511
Pergo Portfolio Landry Oak 1071541
Mohawk Havermill Latte Sawn Oak 33514-03
Pergo Casual Living Legendary Oak 119780
Mohawk PerfectSeal Lenox Tan Oak MHK0702 / 7403546
Mohawk Liberty Apple ?
Pergo Original Light Block Maple ?
Mohawk Fairview Light Walnut ?
Mohawk Festivalle Light Walnut 33005-02
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Light Walnut 33012-02
Pergo Lighthouse White Oak PO2430
Pergo Ligoria Slate LF000312
Pergo MAX Linen Travertine 451553
Pergo Portfolio London Oak 786000
Pergo MAX Lumbermill Oak LF000799
Pergo MAX Madison Hickory LF000286
Pergo Global Passage Malaysian Kempas PW 80517
Pergo Manhattan Walnut 3085
Pergo MAX Manor Hickory LF000777
Pergo Everyday Maple PL 1671
Pergo TimberCraft+ Maple Creek Oak LF000932
Mohawk Rockford Maple Maple Creme 5" (Engineered) 32457-24
Mohawk Brandymill / Hollandale Maple Harvest 5" (Engineered) 32352-03
Pergo Original Maple Plank ?
Allen + Roth Marcona Hickory AR525
Pergo Portfolio Marion Walnut LF000916
Pergo Original Mature Pine Planked PO 2120
Pergo Max Maui Acacia LF000828
Pergo Traditional Living Mayfair Mahogany LF000680 / LF000686
Pergo Max Meadowbrook Oak 80125
Pergo MAX Mediterranean Kempas 80525
Pergo Portfolio Mediterranean Tile LF000860
Pergo MAX Medlin Oak 426033
Mohawk Simplesse Merlot Cherry 63001-54004
Pergo Tile Options Mermaid Stone PT004-499
Pergo Portfolio Meza Pine 1071542 / LF000948
Mohawk Midland Maple ?
Pergo MAX Midland Pecan 429499
Pergo Accolade Midnight Mahogany PJ2616
Pergo Lifestyles Midnight Maple Engineered LEM47-72 / 700393
Pergo MAX Midtown Olive LF000793
Pergo Select Milan Maple PS50240 / 050240
Mohawk Mill Creek Maple 33290-MC804
Pergo MAX Mill Creek Walnut 533269
Mohawk Woodhaven Mocha Maple 32004-12 / WP640-12
Pergo Portfolio Modern Oak LF000863 / 786002
Pergo MAX Mojave Mesquite 80528
Mohawk Simplesse Molasses Chestnut 63001-54208
Pergo MAX Moneta Mahogany LF000274 / 145924
Pergo XP Monson Slate LF000313
Pergo Traditional Living Monterey Maple LF000186
Pergo MAX Monterey Spalted Maple LF000657
Pergo MAX Montgomery Apple LF000354
Pergo Morningside Oak ?
Pergo Portfolio Mountain Ranch Oak LF000953
Pergo Max Mountain Ridge Walnut LF000813
Pergo Max Mountain Ridge Walnut Wood Planks LWPMSC10 / 670317
Pergo MAX Mystic Oak 429495
Pergo Elegant Expressions Nantucket Pine 55130
Pergo MAX Nashville Oak LF000812
Mohawk Natural Amendoim 33274-01
Portico Empress Natural Blonde 63064-W822
Pergo Traditional Living Natural Brazilian Cherry LF000194 / LF000184
Mohawk Simplesse Natural Chestnut 63001-54201
Pergo Traditional Living Natural Fruitwood LF000170
Pergo Traditional Living Natural Hickory LF000666 / LF000563
Pergo Vintage Home Natural Hickory PVH 55102
Mohawk Iron Gate Hickory Natural Hickory / Hickory Natural Solid 3.25" NFAS4-10 / NFAS2-10
Mohawk Armormax Natural Maple 32441-10
Pergo MAX Natural Maple Engineered Hardwood PUM25-10 / 579930
Mohawk RevWood Carrolton Natural Maple Strip CDL16-140 / 33011-40
Mohawk Georgetown Natural Merbau Plank CDL7-40
Pergo American Cottage Natural Oak ?
Pergo MAX Natural Oak 90870 / 80094
Quick-Step Natural Oak UF913
Mohawk True Design Natural Pecan 63801-840
Pergo XP Natural Ridge Hickory LF000320 / 202882899
Pergo MAX Natural Tigerwood 74935 / 080529
Mohawk Brookedale Natural Walnut (Engineered) 32396-04
Mohawk Sheridan Plank Natural White Oak 32046-12
Pergo MAX Newland Oak 80120
Pergo MAX Premier Newport Pine LF000802
Pergo North Hampton Oak / Northhampton Oak PVH 56001
Mohawk Festivalle Northern Maple 33005-03
Mohawk Festivalle Plus Northern Maple 33012-03
Pergo Presto Nostalgic Oak LF000495 / 203278444
Mohawk Barrington or Bourbon Street Nutmeg Chestnut CAD25-10 / 33234-10
Pergo Presto Oak 2205 5 10
Pergo Oak Block PO 2150
Pergo Oak Blocked PJ 2155
Pergo Presto Oak Blocked PH 4576
Mohawk Woodbourne or Brevard Oak Chestnut (or Chestnut) 2.25" 32163-40
Mohawk Granite Hills Oak Oak Chestnut 3.25" (Solid Wood) 32490-40
Pergo Casual Living Oak Foscari 119780 / 080093
Mohawk Santa Barbara Oak Golden 32004-20
Mohawk Brevard Oak Golden Solid Wood 32163-20
Mohawk Atherton Oak Graphite 32465-55 or 32465-55DV
Pergo Presto Oak Hardwood 90963
Mohawk Marbury Oak Latte, Latte Oak WEL13-30
Pergo Oak Plank PO2080
Pergo Accolade Oak Planked PJ2515
Pergo Presto Oak Planked (?) PH 4594
Mohawk Rockford Oak Oak Saddle 32459-40
Mohawk Rockford Oak / Stoneside Oak Shale 5" (engineered hardwood) 32460-97
Mohawk Rockford Oak Shale 5" Engineered 32361-97
Mohawk Delmarva Oak Winchester 32408-62
Mohawk Granite Hills Oak Oak Winchester 32489-62
Mohawk EasyFloor Oak Winchester HGO43-62
Pergo MAX Old Magnolia 426029 / 080127
Pergo Olivewood 80690 / 080526
Quick-Step Sculptique Outback Hickory U1911
Pergo MAX Outer Banks Oak Engineered PUO45-59
Mohawk Woodcreek Outpost Oak  
Pergo MAX Painted Chestnut 773315 / LF000831
Mohawk Soft Tradition II Pale Orchid (Carpet) 2Z82-424
Mohawk / Columbia Parchment Hickory 39001-1558
Pergo XP Peruvian Mahogany LF000339
Pergo MAX Phoenix Hickory 834322 / LUH45-88
Pergo MAX Piedmont Oak LF000913
Mohawk True Design Platinum Grey (LVT) 63801-905
Pergo Traditional Living Plymouth Cherry LF000344
Pergo Prestige Potomac Hickory 4790
Pergo Select Prairie Red Pine PS50371 / 050371
Pergo Outlast+ Prairie Ridge Oak LF000881
Mohawk Perfect Escape Pralines RES11-30 / 66369-03
Quick-Step Studio Preserve Pine 36092-QS102
Pergo Select Provence Aged Parchment PS 1910
Pergo Select Provence Garden Rose PS1870
Pergo Select Provence Iron Shale PS 1909
Pergo Select Provence Natural White PS 1850
Pergo MAX Providence Hickory LF000794
Mohawk PerfectSeal Pueblo Brown Oak MHK0704
Mohawk Rockingham Maple Pure Maple Natural MSC79-10 / 32445-10
Pergo Portfolio Queensland Oak LF000904
Mohawk Headland Pass Quiet Natural (carpet) 28677-721
Traditional Living Raven Oak LF000180
Mohawk Cherokee Ridge Rawhide Hickory (Engineered) 32612-13
Pergo Accolade Reclaimed Barnwood PJ2621 / P02621
Pergo Timbercraft Reclaimed Barnwood Pine LF000900 / 864885
Pergo Traditional Living Reclaimed Chestnut LF000763
Mohawk Reclaimed Chestnut LWC03 LWC03
Pergo XP Reclaimed Elm LF000905
Quick-Step Red American Oak U771
Pergo Prestige Exotics Red Jatoba 485550
Pergo Traditional Living Red Mahogany LF000191
Pergo Presto Red Oak ?
Pergo Prodigy Red Oak ?
Pergo Presto Red Oak Blocked PH 4709
Mohawk Rockford Red Oak Cherry 3.25 (Solid) 32360-42
Mohawk Granite Hills Oak Red Oak Natural GHO5-10 / 32489-10
Mohawk Red Oak Natural 2809252
Mohawk Greenville Red Oak Natural 32485-10
Mohawk Brevard Red Oak Natural / Natural Red Oak 3.25" WSC10-10 / 32164-10
Pergo American Cottage Red Oak Planks 99273 / 0800959
Pergo Portfolio + WetProtect Redwood Oak LF000956 / 1071550
Pergo MAX Regency Oak 426003
Pergo Prodigy Renovation Pine PX3252
Pergo Vintage Home Restoration Oak ?
Pergo Signature American Cottage Revere Oak PW80017
Pergo Ridgewood Oak LF000210 / 307512
Pergo MAX River Road Oak LF000795 / 659216
Pergo XP Riverbend Oak LF000773
Pergo Elegant Expressions Riverside Red Oak Model 055132
Pergo Traditional Living Roasted Maple LF000171
Pergo XP Royal Oak (10mm) LF000890
Pergo Royal Oak 8mm ?
Pergo Rum Cherry ?
Mohawk Marbury Oak 3" Russet WEL13-50
Pergo Traditional Living Russet Oak LF000175
Mohawk? Rust Calde Oak ?
Mohawk Rustic Barrel Oak 36616-401
Pergo MAX Rustic Chestnut 426037
Pergo Prestige Rustic Chestnut LF000145
Pergo Rustic Elm PJ 2545
Pergo XP Rustic Espresso Oak LF000822
Pergo XP Rustic Grey Oak LF000821
Style Selections Rustic Honey Maple SSPL700 / 658099
Pergo Accolade Rustic Oak # 02627
Pergo Portfolio Rustic Poplar LF000859
Pergo Prodigy Rustic Red Oak ?
Mohawk Ellington Rustic Winchester Oak 33255-06
Pergo Traditional Living Rusticwood Oak LF000179
Pergo America Era Sable Hickory 5" 761714 / LSH45-25
Pergo Outlast+ Sable Oak LF000884
Mohawk Ellington Sable Rosewood 33255-07
Allen & Roth Saddle Hickory AR306 / 392045
Mohawk Santa Barbara / Pasadena Saddle Oak 32004-40
Quick-Step Rustique Saffron Hickory ?
Pergo Presto Salem Oak PH 4700
Pergo Timbercraft Salt Mill Oak 864892 / LF000899
Pergo MAX Premier San Marco Oak LF000810
Pergo American Era Sandbank Maple Solid Hardwood 5" LSM45-46
Mohawk True Design Sandstorm 63801-310
Pergo Outlast+ Sandy Cove Oak LF001012
Pergo Presto Santos Cherry PH 4610
Mohawk Marakka Sapele Crimson 5" Engineered 32341-80
Pergo Vintage Home Saratoga Scraped Oak PVH 55107
Pergo MAX Satin Beech 426024 / 080122
Pergo Accolade Savanna Oak PJ 2601 / 90997
Pergo MAX Premier Scottsdale Oak 672975
Pergo Elegant Expressions Seagrove Pine LF000574
Pergo Traditional Living Seasoned Cherry LF000172
Pergo Presto Seasoned Hickory PH 4602 / 04721
Pergo XP Sedona Oak LF000583
Balterio Vitality Select Walnut 44634-60544 / 400031220
Mohawk Mellow Haven Sequoyah Dusk (carpet) 27688-859
Pergo MAX Shabby Teak LF000829 / 773320
Mohawk Variations Shadow Wood 66345-22
Pergo American Era Shale Oak Solid Hardwood LSO25-97
Pergo MAX Shayti Walnut 426031 / 080129
Pergo Shelburne Stone ?
Pergo MAX Sherwood Oak 486108
Mohawk Variations Silhouette (LVT) 66345-21
Pergo Silver Damask 33523-01
Mohawk Reclaimed Chic Silver Ivory 33202-03
Pergo Portfolio Silver Oak 786001 / LF000864
Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Silver Shadow 33539-03
Costco Harmonics Skyline Maple ?
Pergo MAX Premier Smoked Chestnut LF000800
Pergo XP Smoked Hickory LF000774
Mohawk ForeverStyle Smoked Wood (Ceramic Tile) 1174306 / FS03636HC1PR
Mohawk Concertina Smoky Chestnut 33518-02
Pergo Outlast+ Snowbird Walnut LF000982
Mohawk Havermill or Huchenson Soft Copper Oak 33514-12
Uniboard Soho Walnut ?
Pergo MAX Somerset Jatoba LF000560
Mohawk Simplesse Sorrell Oak 63001-52715
Pergo Portfolio Southbank Oak / South Bank Oak 864882
Mohawk Barrington / Bayview Southern Autumn Hickory 33234-05
Pergo XP Southern Grey Oak LF000786
Pergo Prestige Spalted Beech 4787
Costco Harmonics Spiced Applewood 1054504
Pergo MAX Spring Hill Oak LF000867
Pergo Springdale Dark Cherry PW80068
Vintage Home Springhill Maple ?
Pergo MAX Stafford Chestnut 429497
Quick-Step Dominion Steele Chestnut UX1671
Pergo MAX Sterling Oak LF000888
Mohawk Havermill or Huchenson Stonewood 33514-13 or CDL72-13
Home Decorators Collection Stony Oak Beige & Grey 67018-930 / 360484
Pergo MAX Stowe Painted Pine LF000832
Mohawk Crawford Oak Suede Oak 3" (Engineered) 32537-13
Pergo MAX Suffield Oak 426014
Pergo XP Sugar House Maple LF000453 / 323
Pergo American Cottage (Smartlock) Summer Butternut PW 80012
Pergo American Cottage Summer Hickory ?
Pergo Summerview Oak PW80069
Pergo Max Summit Hickory Engineered Hardwood LUH45-85 / 761790
Pergo XP Sun Bleached Hickory LF000315
Mohawk Simplesse Sunset Amendoim 63001-54003
Mohawk Festivalle Sunset American Cherry 33005-06
Mohawk Taproom Oak 7403297 / MHK01-08
Pergo Tawny PHW 87004
Mohawk Simplesse Tawny Chestnut 63001-54203
Pergo XP Tennessee Hickory LF000319
Pergo Naturals Thornwood Maple ?
Pergo MAX Thoroughbred Oak 426015
Pergo Tidewater / Tidewater Oak? 92598 / 080097
Pergo MAX Tidewater Oak 92598
Mohawk? Tiger Maple ?
Pergo Portfolio Timber Beam Oak LF000954
Mohawk Permanence Plus Toasted Barnwood ?
Mohawk Prospects Toasted Barnwood 63003-111
Mohawk Barrington / Bayview Toasted Chestnut 33234-09 / CDL25-09
Costco Harmonics Toasted Cinnamon Oak 1203881
Pergo Traditional Living Toasted Hickory LF000762
Mohawk Blakely Toasted Hickory 33259-01
Pergo Presto Toasted Maple LF000332
Mohawk Concertina Toasted Maple 33518-01 / 400021144
Mohawk Toasted Maple LWC01
Mohawk Tribute Toasted Nutmeg Oak MHK0403 / MHK04
Pergo Lifestyles Toasted Oak Engineered LEO47-77
Pergo Toffee 87005
Pergo XP Toffee Hickory LF000852
Pergo American Era Toffee Hickory Solid Hardwood 5" LSH45-64 / 761713
Pergo Touchstone Walnut 80055
Pergo Traditional Living Townsend Oak LF000360
Mohawk PerfectSeal Tuscan Red Oak MHK0703 / 36627-703
Pergo Original Tuscany Stone PO 2330
Pergo MAX Uptown Maple 761791 / LUM45-79
Pergo XP Urban Putty Oak LF000943
Mohawk Vanilla Maple LMAR43-24 / 35065 294
Pergo XP Vanilla Travertine LF000855
Pergo Lifestyles Variable Width Autumn Hickory LEH4M-10
Pergo Lifestyles Variable Width Mayson Oak LEO4M-68
Pergo Venetian Stone #02440
Pergo Outlast+ Ventura Pewter Hickory LF000959
Pergo MAX Vera Mahogany LF000192 / 328080
Quick Step Veranda Oak UF3130
QuickStep Rustique Veresque Cognac Hickory U1413 /
Pergo Select Vermont Country Maple ?
Pergo XP Vermont Maple LF000336
Quick-Step Classic Vermont Maple 3 Strip U845
Quick-Step Perspective Versailles Dark UF1158
Pergo Presto Victoria Maple 4703
Balterio Metropolitan Vienna Oak 44646-60969
Mohawk Harmonics Vintage Chestnut VC 403 S
Pergo Vintage Riverside Red Oak 95088
Pergo Traditional Living Vintage White Oak LF000675 / LF000679
Pergo Prestige Vintage White Pine ?
Pergo Select Virginia Rustic Oak ?
Pergo Virginia Walnut PH4599 / PH4705
Pergo MAX Visconti Walnut LF000372
Pergo Elegant Expressions Walden Maple LF000575
Pergo Presto Walden Oak LF000492 / 449628
Mohawk Stanfield Walnut Mocha 66355-47
Pergo Walnut Planked PO 2116
Pergo Walnut Planked Country P7225
Pergo XP Warm Chestnut LF000824
Pergo Traditional Living Warm Jatoba LF000564 / LF000667
Pergo Presto Washington Cherry LF000496
Pergo Traditional Living Washington Oak LF000168
Pergo Portfolio Waterford Oak LF000918 / 869112
Mohawk Prospects Weathered Barnwood C9002-102
Mohawk True Design Weathered Grey 63801-930
Pergo MAX Wendover Oak (engineered) 834321 / LUO45-70
Pergo Traditional Living West End Oak LF000640
Pergo TimberCraft West Lake Oak 864889
Pergo Accolade Westbury Pine LF000547
Mohawk Westchester Oak 2.25" ?
Pergo Westport Oak PW 80023
Pergo TimberCraft Wheaton Oak 864891
Pergo Whiskey Trail Oak LF000874
Mohawk SP965 Whisper Grey (carpet) 28637-912
Pergo Traditional Living White Pine LF000177
Pergo Accolade White Pine Planked PJ2065
Pergo Presto Whitehall Pine / White Hall Pine PH 4704 / 95055
Pergo MAX Whiteside Pine 426020 / 119781 / 080113
Allen & Roth Whitewash Barn Board 421860 / 367721-00220
Pergo MAX Whitewashed Beech 426038
Pergo MAX Whitewashed Oak 426017
Pergo Whitewashed Pine 80083
Pergo MAX Whitewashed Pine Embossed 80114
Pergo MAX Premier Whitley Oak LF000911 / 869105
Pergo Traditional Living Wild Ginger Oak LF000767
Pergo MAX Williamsburg Oak 426005/080009/080100
Pergo Traditional Living Williamsburg Walnut LF000173
Pergo MAX Premier Willow Lake Pine LF000809
Pergo MAX Winchester Apple 429498
Allen & Roth Winsome Tanned Yew 773324 / 368242-00289
Pergo American Era Wirebrushed Wool Oak LSOW25-54
Columbia Witherspoon Maple Caramel WIM311F
Aladdin (Smartstrand) Wood Carving (carpet) 31525350 / 28
Pergo Elegant Expressions Yorkshire Chestnut ?
Pergo Simple Renovations Yorkshire Oak 334492 / LF000259
Pergo Presto Young Pecan LF000485 / LF000333
Pergo MAX Zoo Friends 429500
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