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How To: Install Your Flooring

What tools do I need?                                                                                     

  • Level or string to validate the flatness of your subfloor
  • Moisture test kit for concrete subfloor
  • Power saw recommended with carbide tips (laminate surface is very hard)
  • Jigsaw may be needed for difficult cuts
  • Speed square for marking cut lines
  • Tape measure
  • A laminate install kit is recommended for tapping block and spacers
  • Caulk gun to apply sealant in expansion gaps near water sources

For laminate moldings & trim these additional items are required:

  • Power or manual Philips head screwdriver for transition installation
  • Hammer or nailer for quarter round / wall base installation   

Before installing your flooring, please make note of the following:

  • Underlayment is required if not pre-attached (with attached underlayment).
  • Vapor barrier or moisturebloc is required over all concrete subfloors.
  • Laminate Installation Kit is a helpful installation tool for laminate flooring. 
  • Don't forget 4-in-1 Transition Moldings for doorways, sliding doors or transitions to hard surface or carpet floors!
  • Stair nose or bull nose trim for drop down transitions.
  • Quarter round or wall base for final trim at perimeter. 

Please click on any of the following links for Installation Guides: 

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For LVT Click Guide, click here. 

For Sheet Vinyl, click here. 

For Laminated Wood Guide, click here. 

For 4 in 1 kit, click here


Looking for more answers? Please refer to our FAQ or Contact page. 

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