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Mohawk | HTMDA-05407

Mohawk Brandy Oak Hardwood T Molding HTMDA-05407 (Warehouse: GHB)

  • Mohawk Brandy Oak Hardwood T Molding HTMDA-05407 (Warehouse: GHB)
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Coordinating Options:  American Retreat Brandy Oak

T-moldings from Mohawk, compatible with various Mohawk-manufactured engineered hardwood and solid wood flooring brands, are used to bridge an expansion, height differences, or to mask cut ends. When both floors are at the same height, T molding is used to transition from one floor to the other. Our moldings and trims are designed to coordinate well with our flooring, for a finished, professional installation.

Important: please purchase only the moldings specifically listing your exact flooring color name as a "coordinating option" as we cannot guarantee a match to other colors based on the photo or description alone. In cases where you do not see your flooring color listed on our site, or your moldings are no longer available, we recommend only looking for an approximate match in a retail store with a scrap, spare plank, or old molding to compare with.

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